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Creative industry creating job in Africa

Capturing African Stories

In the realm of film and audiovisual production, Rodo Studios strives for an authentic African storytelling approach. Our focus is centred on the different styles of the documentary, even though we love to work on fictional projects from time to time.

We aspire to create documentaries in diverse formats and styles, from traditional TV style to observational style, experimental style, and abstract style. Our ethical value requires us to respect the authenticity of the subject and flow of the story without manipulation and interference with the cause of action.

Deep into the rural areas and out on the urban streets, artistic performances from dance, theatre, musical ensembles, parades, and abstract shows are luring the air, waiting for the world to experience them. From concept to execution, we create immersive and engaging audiovisual pieces.

Services production
We offer end-to-end services in Nigeria, from scriptwriting to post-production, ensuring your vision is translated seamlessly onto the screen. Let us be the storytellers who bring your narratives to life. Scroll beneath to see a list of our service production offers.

fashion & crafts

Creative industry creating job in Africa

Handmade artistry in Every Detail

Step into the world of fashion and crafts made out of authentic African materials. Our seasoned producers blend tradition and trend to craft statement pieces. From handcrafted accessories to intricately designed home decor, our crafts team adds a touch of elegance to every piece.

Discover unique, locally inspired creations that tell a story and elevate your surroundings. Every piece is handmade with love from Africa. Check out our online store to view some products.

Service production 
With decades of experience crafting unique accessories and pieces from indigenous materials, our service production offers retailers or wholesalers an opportunity to expand their assortments with extraordinary African fashion and crafts.

We help you develop your own collection from scratch, sourcing the suitable materials and the right team together to produce for you. We only use significant materials sourced from Africa for your collection.

After our first conversation, we will decide if a collaboration is the best fit. If yes, we will send you an offer; if not, we may recommend a possible partner.

Service production

Are you a foreign film production company considering a film production in Nigeria? The number one thing to think about is financial management during production. However, here are a few services we can assist you with;

Story and screenplay development: We help you create conceptualized and written scripts tailored to the client’s vision and target audience. Nigeria has a large pool of writers who may not come from the traditional screenplay discipline, but they have stories.

Budgeting and Financial Management: We will assist you in creating realistic budgets for your film projects. As timing and financial logistics are essential, we are here to help you find the best way to manage the process. Our services will include production accounting of funds we manage on your behalf. Managing financial transactions during the production phase, including payroll and expenses.

Pre-production Planning: Organizing and planning all aspects of a film before shooting begins. Some activities include: 1. finding the right Cast, artistic and technology crew for the various roles, 2. Scouting, Identifying and securing suitable filming locations, and 3. Finding the right equipment, props, and other technical tools to realize your story.

Filming/Production: The actual process of shooting the film. 

Remember, the specific services offered may vary depending on the company’s expertise and focus. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need further details!

Creative industry creating job in Africa

Our approach

At Rodo Studios Ltd, we’re not just a company but a hub of creativity, innovation, and passion. Our mission is to bring imagination to life through our expertise in the creative industries of fashion, crafts, and film production. Established in the vibrant landscape of Nigeria in 2012, Rodo Studios is your go-to partner for turning dreams into reality.

At Rodo Studios, we believe in collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to quality. Every project, big or small, is approached with a blend of artistic flair and technical expertise. Our diverse network of professionals brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that each endeavour is a masterpiece in its own right.

Why choose Rodo Studios?

Multidisciplinary Excellence: With expertise spanning fashion, crafts, and film production, we offer a holistic creative solution.

Local Inspiration, Global Impact: Rooted in the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria, our creations resonate globally.

Client-Centric Philosophy: Your vision is our priority. We work closely with you to understand your goals and exceed expectations.

Innovation at Every Step: Embracing the latest trends and technologies, we infuse innovation into every aspect of our work.

Telling Stories Through African lenses.

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